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On this page, we will be advertising certain items for sale. All proceeds go towards recouping the production costs.


Perhaps you've always wanted your own My Chorus Placemat. This special edition placemat which was originally produced for the cast and crew of My Chorus as a special thanks can be yours. It features photos of the entire cast elegantly laminated and ready for your picnic table.

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The harmonius tunes of My Chorus can echo through your lovely ears forever with the small purchase of the film soundtrack. This exciting soundtrack includes 22 songs, including all 9 of the songs in the final scene so you can finally hear the complete recordings of those numbers. Enjoy Kissing Up to Boss Man, Daytrading Cowboy, and Make Him Pay. Be sure to check the Music page for samples.

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The full size one-sheet is available for your viewing and wall-hanging pleasure.


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